Why There Is a Burning Smell When I Turn On The Furnace

Why There Is a Burning Smell When I Turn On The Furnace

Why there is a burning smell when I turn on the furnace

With winter coming, it is time to start thinking about your furnace. At Always Ready Repair, one of the most common questions we get at the start of the winter season is why there is a burning smell when they first turned on the furnace.

In most cases, the burning smell you notice when you turn your furnace on for the first time each year is normal. When the furnace is not in use, dust particles gather on the inside of the equipment and heating coils. When you first turn on the power, this dust is burnt off. It is almost like the furnace is self-cleaning before being used for the winter.

Normally the smell will quickly disappear and will not happen after you begin using the furnace during winter. However, there are a few smells that should cause concern.

Burning Smell That Lasts More Than One Day

If the burning smell you encountered on the first day you turned on your furnace continued, you might need to check the air filter in the system. It may be clogged with dust that is continuing to burn off when you use the system. This can be eliminated quickly by changing the filter.

If it is not the filter and you are still smelling the burning smell, it is time to call Always Ready Repair for service. Your system may need a deep cleaning on the interior that we can provide, or it may require a more serious repair.

Electrical Smell

Electrical burning smells are very distinct, and every homeowner can identify the smell. If you smell the burning electric smell when you engage your furnace, turn the unit off immediately and call Always Ready Repair for service. You should never risk using the furnace if it is emitting an electric smell.

Electrical smells are also very similar to heated mechanical smells. Your furnace may be experiencing burning rubber from faulty gaskets or similar mechanical failure. Many of these issues smell bad but are often very easy to repair. Call Always Ready Repair if you smell anything unusual coming from your furnace.

Smell Rotten Eggs

Rotten egg smell is an indicator that you have a gas leak in your furnace. You should turn the furnace off immediately and call Always Ready Repair for service. It may also be advisable to leave the home until a repair is made.

Many furnaces are now electric units, so people do not have to worry about gas leaks anymore. However, for those who are still using a gas furnace, this smell indicates a potential for fire or explosion. Discontinue use immediately and call for service.

Yearly Service Can Prevent Many Problems With Your Furnace

Always Ready Repair encourages everyone to simplify their lives by performing a yearly service call on the furnace before the winter season starts. A quick service call on your furnace can make sure that it is clean and working effortlessly for the winter. A preventative maintenance call can help you avoid expensive winter breakdowns.

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