Should You Check and Service Your HVAC System Every Year

Should You Check and Service Your HVAC System Every Year

Should you check and service your HVAC system every year?

Your HVAC system is one of the most used systems in your home. During the hottest days and the coldest nights, your system keeps the temperature controlled for your comfort. These systems, however, are not a "set it and forget it" system. They need yearly service to stay running efficiently.

What Yearly HVAC Service Offers

When you have your HVAC unit serviced each year, you are extending the life of your unit. Simple preventative maintenance can help your system prevent major breakdowns by replacing worn parts before they completely break or cause damage to other parts.

Yearly service will clean your units so that they work more efficiently. When an HVAC unit gets dirty, it has to work harder and use more power to run at the same level of comfort that you like. A clean unit will cost less to run.

When you have yearly service performed on your HVAC unit, your tech can also find issues that you may not have been aware of with your system as it ages. Older units can quickly break down without notice and need replacement. Knowing what to expect based on the condition of your unit will allow homeowners to plan for the replacement of their units when necessary.

Always Ready Repair Offers ARR Comfort Plan for your Heating System and for your Air Conditioner

Always Ready Repair has been servicing the Chicago area for over 70 years. Starting as a small repair shop, we have become a leading HVAC sales, installation and repair company in the Chicago area.

We offer ARR Comfort service plans for HVAC systems so that you can get the most from your unit. Our techs are experienced in all types and brands of systems, and our service trucks are always filled with the most common replacement parts. You should never have to wait for service.

In addition to offering yearly preventative maintenance plan called “ARR Comfort”, Always Ready Repair also offers sales, installation, and repair services for all types of HVAC systems. All of your heating and cooling and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) needs can be met by Always Ready Repair.

Checking Your Heating and Cooling Systems Before The Seasonal Change

Even if you do not purchase ARR Comfort Plan for your unit, you are encouraged to have your system checked at least once a year, especially after a large seasonal change.

For instance, after running the heat all winter long, it may be beneficial to check your system before getting ready for summer. And the same applies to running your air conditioning all summer and preparing for the winter season.

Simple checks of your system can prevent systems failures, reduce the amount of energy your system consumes, and give you better air quality and temperature control.

Call Always Ready Repair for all of your heating and cooling needs. We will be happy to schedule yearly maintenance, repair or replace your unit if necessary.

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