Indoor air quality (IAQ)

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The team at Always Ready Repair has more than 70 years of experience offering HVAC maintenance in the south Chicagoland suburbs. Along with continuing the same level of work ethic and quality we’ve always offered our clients, we also focus on staying up to date on the latest technologies and studies. As time goes on, experts are learning more about how dangerous poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can be. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside a home or office can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors.

Without a functional and properly maintained ventilation system, pollutants get stuck inside your home and can’t escape. The EPA states that indoor air pollutants can contribute to many unpleasant symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sore throat, runny rose, irritated eyes, and more. Certain pollutants can even contribute to serious respiratory conditions or cancer.

HVAC maintenance and an Indoor Air Quality system in the south Chicagoland suburbs can help you avoid these problems. Our team uses today’s most advanced techniques to assist you in keeping the air inside your home as free of pollutants as possible. From duct cleaning to helping you set up an improved ventilation or specialized UV air cleaning system, we’ve got you covered.

The Right Humidity Levels for a Healthier Home

There’s more to healthy indoor air than simply avoiding pollutants. You also need to maintain the correct humidity levels inside your home. Illinois get quite humid, especially in the hot summer months. Not only does this create a situation in which mold and mildew can thrive, but it can also contribute to the proliferation of dust mites and other microorganisms that can cause respiratory issues.

When the humidity in your home drops too low, it can also present a problem. Low humidity can contribute to dry skin, aching sinuses and headaches, chapped lips, and even nosebleeds. Breathing disorders such as asthma can worsen in such conditions as well.

With a proper ventilation system, you won’t have to worry about your humidity levels falling out of balance. When a home is ventilated correctly, pollutants are swept outdoors instead of hovering in the area and slowly becoming more concentrated over time. Ventilation also helps control unpleasant odors and makes the home more appealing to spend time in.

Clean Ducts for Healthier Breathing

Duct cleaning is an additional measure you can take to help protect the air quality in your home. Most people focus on making sure their HVAC filters are clean, but the ducts must be taken into consideration too. Over time, dust, mold, vermin dander, and other harmful debris can build up in your ducts. If left unchecked, this buildup could end up entering the air inside your home.

Buildup in your ducts can also lower the efficiency of your system. Research has shown that homeowners can save up to 11 percent on their heating and cooling costs by performing HVAC maintenance in the south Chicagoland suburbs. If you want to conserve energy, save money, and maintain green living practices in your home, a good duct cleaning is in order. Duct cleaning also prolongs the longevity of your HVAC system which saves you money on a long run.

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