Heat Pump vs. Traditional Heating Systems

There has been a significant increase in interest in heat pump systems for heating and cooling homes. Why the sudden interest? Heat pumps are more energy efficient than your standard furnace and can reduce your heating costs dramatically. At a time when heating costs are soaring, the prospect of lowering this bill is very attractive.


Heat Pumps - How They Work

Heat pumps are designed to move warm air. Moving warm air from one place to another is easier than creating warm air by using a furnace. This is how a heat pump works and why it is so energy efficient. During the summer, heat pumps will move warm air out of your home to cool it and in the winter, the heat pump draws warm air into your home to heat it These systems will then circulate this air through your home, giving it an even temperature year round.

Heat pumps work on electricity instead of gas or heating oil. This reduces the costs of heating or cooling your home.
Heat pumps are also much smaller units and usually only require 24 inches of outdoor space and a small home air handling unit. On average, a furnace is 36 inches or larger inside your home.


Traditional Heating Systems

Traditional heating systems bring in air, force heat it, and then push it through your home. All furnaces require ductwork to be installed throughout the home so that the heat can be distributed.

Heat pumps can work with or without ductwork.

Furnaces generally run on natural gas or fuel oil. This means the cost to warm your home will vary yearly based on current oil and gas prices. Electric furnaces use heat coils to heat the air, then force the air to circulate throughout the house. Some heat pumps that are installed in colder regions will also have heat coils as a secondary heating system to help you achieve the temperature you desire in your home.

However, since the heat pump first relies on warm air to push through the home, a heat pump can cost 2.5 times less to operate than an electric furnace.


Which One Is The Right Choice For You?

If you are looking for a new heating system for your home, you may be wondering which system will be the best for you. You can get the information that you need by speaking with one of our knowledgeable reps here at Always Ready Repair.
Our reps can help you look at factors such as initial cost vs. long-term costs for each type of system. You can compare systems based on the size of your home, preferred temperature settings, and whether you would like to cool your home using the same system in the summer.
Our reps will also discuss with you what rebates are available for installing energy-efficient systems in your home at a discounted rate. Heating your home does not have to break the bank.

Call Always Ready Repair today to find out how you can install an energy-efficient system in your home so that you can easily manage your heating costs.

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