Indoor Air Quality

Air pollution is something that most people only think about when they are outdoors. Most people do not realize that indoor air is often polluted with more toxins than the air we breathe outside. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that interior air is on average 5 times more toxic than outside air.

Indoor air quality can have a large effect on your health and happiness. Too many toxins in the air can lead to respiratory problems and too many odors can lead to discomfort and stress.

Always Ready Repair offers a great solution to indoor air quality – The Air Scrubber.

What is an Air Scrubber?

An Air Scrubber is a special device installed into your airflow duct to improve air quality in your home. It is more than a filter system; it is an air cleaning system.

Regular air filters that you place into your system are perfect for filtering out particles of dirt and dander that are in the air of your home. Some filters are rated for microscopic particles (HEPA) and are a great way to reduce allergens and dust. These filters also help keep the interior of your HVAC system cleaner so that it runs better for a longer period of time.

However, an Air Scrubber takes the air filter one step further and cleans the air by destroying microorganisms in the air. These microorganisms include dust mites, mold and mildew, strong odors from pets, smoking, and even burnt food.

An Air Scrubber is shaped a lot like an air filter. It is made of metal and has a honeycomb design. The scrubber is coated in titanium dioxide and a UV light system. This combination destroys 99% of all microorganisms that go through your air system.

By destroying these organisms, you are significantly improving air quality, reducing dust throughout your home, and making your home a healthier place to live.

What is even more amazing about this system is that when the air is forced through the air scrubbing system, the air that emerges is still charged with UV light and titanium particles. As it lands on surfaces around your home, it kills these microorganisms on your surfaces as well.

Always Ready Repair can install an air scrubbing system into your home or business HVAC unit. These systems can be placed into existing units or added to any new unit that you are having installed.

The health benefits of having an Air Scrubber added to your HVAC system are tremendous and anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies will greatly appreciate the improved air quality of their home.

Always Ready Repair also offers a portable Air Scrubbing System that you can move from one room to another, as well as a mobile unit that you can keep in your car.

If you would like more information about this amazing product, you are encouraged to speak with one of the knowledgeable staff members at Always Ready Repair.

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